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Find the answers to our most searched for questions here. In need for a more in depth demo? Book a demo and talk to one of our experts to see how you can get started with Greatweek!

We help property developers get funding and organize their business finances. We are a marketplace for borrowers and lenders, helping both sides achieve more transparent and valuable relationships. 

Most of our clients sign up for the 100% free account. There are no hidden fees. The best value we can deliver is with our Growth offer. In such a partnership, we analyze your business admin and guarantee lower costs and more growth. We take a small cut from the savings we achieve together. Ping us a message to find out more. 

We collaborate with both sizable and smaller lenders, with a primary emphasis on property debt and rapid, digital response times. Many of our partners initially utilize manual PDF forms for data entry but often transition to our automated deal flow format.

Initiating your journey with Greatweek is fast and straightforward. Just arrange a short onboarding call, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll gather program specifics from you to tailor your Lender Profile. This process typically only takes a few minutes, and you’ll promptly become visible in borrower searches.

Certainly. The more details you provide regarding your program offerings and lending criteria, the more precise your matches will become. In addition to program types, Greatweek’s Matching Algorithm considers thousands of other data points to enhance the relevance of borrowers and deals presented to you.

Nope. We don’t believe in locking you down to long-term commitments. However, our customers tend to stick to Greatweek as we guarantee the best price offer.

Let us help you grow.

Streamline your finances! Linking a bank account to our platform lets you easily track and book transactions for maximum control and transparency.

Secure your financial future with an FDIC-insured bank account from us. Our services guarantee the smoothest way to send and receive money!

Simplify your business transactions with the power of automation! Send invoices, manage subscriptions, and share payment links – all in mere moments.

Get organized with debit cards for each staff member, contractor, project and/or supplier! Make tracking expenses easier than ever – all in one convenient place and piece of mind.

Our 24/7 customer service is always ready to help! Get connected with an account manager and relax knowing you’re in good hands. Chat, call, or email us – whatever suits your needs best!

Don’t let expenses outpace you – with our Mobile app, it’s easy to stay ahead of the game. Snap a pic and quickly categorize your finances for maximum control!

Get your business organized and humming with our powerful CRM service. Stay on top of events, emails, contracts, and track customer feedback via questionnaires – all in one place!

Quickbooks may be the industry standard for accounting software but now there’s an easier option that offers all the same features without as much hassle.

If your business is doing + $1M we have an awesome option for you. Only pay when you see results, we take a 25% success fee when we succeed together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Switching providers? Starting your business with a new provider? You’ve got a big and important decision to make. Cost and pricing will be factors, but we know many factors will guide your decision. We encourage you to connect with us before you sign up. We’re here to help make sure your Greatweek experience works for your business.

We help businesses manage banking, payments and accounting in one place. Saving tons of time and money!

Most of our clients sign up for the 100% free account. There are no hidden fees. We make money when you use our debit cards for business spend. You don’t pay, the merchant accepting those cards pays an acceptance fee.

QB is a great accounting software, but you still need a CPA, Bank account and most often a payments platform like Zelle, PayPal etc. If you are up and running on QB you can easily merge over your infrastructure to GreatWeek. Or keep things in QB and use GreatWeek for Banking, Payments and CRM. Up to you : )

Nope. We don’t believe in locking you down to long term commitments. However our customers tend to stick to Great Week as we guarantee best price offer.

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